Specialty chemicals stock for 47% upside

India is one the largest importer of carbon black in the world. Currently 80% all carbon black either imported or manufactured is used by rubber industry and mainly by Tyre industries.

One stock which is available at slightly cheaper rates is PCBL.

stock has a book value of 75 and cmp 150 . Its available at 13 P/E which us less than 23 median P/E of the industry.

company has doubled its operational profit in last 3 years. Their working capital is well planned and inventory is managed well as the cash conversion cycle is reduced to 38 days from 61 days 2 years ago.

company is part of RP – sanjiv Goenka group and is slowly and steadily gaining market share in india and export markets too.

A good stock to add to your watchlist ,my workings predict a stock price of over 230+ in 1 year.

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