Wealth Multiplier With Capital Safety

Stock Name : BRITANNIA INDUSTRIES Stock Price : 3090 Target Price : 4050 – 1 YEAR || 4500 2-YEAR || 4800 3-YEAR My biggest Regret If you ask me whats the biggest regret of my investment experience , this stock would top the chart . I had acquired a good no of shares of Britannia at 750 rs per share ( Pre split) somewhere in 2012 – 13 . I exited the stock with a whooping 150% returns and thought would buy it again when the markets are down , and we all know what happened to Britannia’s stock. The stock made a 52 week high of 6,934 this year . Company recently split their stock in 1:2 ratio for ease of trading / investments for retail segment and to improve stock’s liquidity. Fundamentals *Negligible Debt || Profit growth of 32.75% over 5 years || 3 Years ROE 38.22% || Dividend payout of 29.61% “This company is a wealth multiplier , there is a reason why some quality stocks are highly priced “ If you compare this with Nestle which has few more products than Britannia , the stock will appear a little expensive . But if you go by the logic of the India’s growth story , specially the rural one , Britannia’s market reputation , its plans for new products for rural areas and the estimated 38% market share in domestic business in India with lesser product lines than rival , this stock is set for its next dream run  

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