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Yes Bank

Recommendation Date : 9-08-2016 , Recommended Price : 1217  tgt 1800+ , time frame 1 : Year .

Yes , we are recommending a stock which has already moved more than 100% since end of 2015.

Why ?

Yes bank is one of the most promising bank’s in indian banking industry . YES Bank is trading at nearly 40 per cent discount to its peers HDFC Bank, Kotak and IndusInd Bank on one-year forward price-to-book value (economic times)

Bank is undergoing a  technology transformation , a lot of  key projects are about to complete in next 2 to 3 years.

This means , many new verticals will be opened which will add to Yes  Bank’s business and revenue .

Yes bank has maintained extremely good retail loan book and lower NPA’s . If guidances of the management are to be believed . Yes Bank will make you more wealthier in Future!



Say Yes to Yes



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