Why we recommended Berger Paints ?

Why we recommended Berger Paints  ? post thumbnail image

Recommendation Date : 25th Oct 2015  , 

Recommended Price : 215 – 220 

Target : 310 , time frame 6 months to 1 year 

Current Price : 279 – 283.50


We have been tracking this company from quite a long time on parameters such as stock performance , market share , investor preferences and the impact of products related to paint industry , etc.

Its been a consistent performer since last 3 years , even after the share split  on 8th Jan 2015 bringing the face value to 1 and stock price to 232 , the stock made a low of 172 during the June quarter .

But since then the stock has been a winner in most of the situations irrespective of where the market is going , this is largely contributed by falling crude prices . Berger Paint has benefited from the fall in crude prices. Its key raw materials are derived from crude oil this includes additives, pigments, resins, solvents etc .



Sneak peak of companies performance ( Source : BergerPaints.com)



Year over Year performance



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