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Sit back & have a Toilet Seat!

Brand and Business Back ground : Hindware Industries LimitedBrand value – Good and reputed brand value , Fortune Top 500 companies in India ( 2018) Segments – Building Products Division (BPD), Consumer Products Division (CPD), Retail Division and Packaging Products Division (PPD)“Line of Business – Sanitary Ware, Soft Furnishings ,Modular Furnishings ,Pet Bottles production ,Luxury […]

Low Risk & High Reward Option Trade

Recommendation is for Education purpose only Stock Name : YES BANK  |  Date : 24 – Dec -2019 | Expiry – Jan Series | Recommendation : Education Purpose Trading Style – Strict stop loss if spot goes below 49 , hold long till stock crosses 55 / 57 / 59 . Recommendation : Buy Call […]

Option Trading Ideas For Nov’2019 (4th to 8th)

Option trading has been an exciting learning and earning curve for me . I would like to share my views and trading ideas that i might pursue in this week / month. Recently i have been blogging less on the investment ideas as i am not able to identify good investment opportunities . But this […]

4 Portfolios that you can bet on in this beaten down Market

_____________________________________________ In the world of Equity investments, the market always gives you a chance to pick your stocks at a very good valuation. These days we have witnessed some crazy movement of the equity market in India and stocks have lost what they gained in 1-3 years in just 12 – 14 trading sessions. This […]

Trade options with low cost !

  I believe you have gone through earlier articles to understand the basis and basics of option strategies. Today I am going to explain the most basic and widely used option strategy that one can use to lower the option cost. Strategy Name: Bull Call Spread When to apply this strategy: When your Outlook on […]

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