Model Portfolios

In first of our model portfolios we are banking on the opening up theme , where in the consumers who are eager to spend their surplus savings and improve their lifestyle will lead the consumption spree. Yet , Being a bit conservative on the same we have picked up stocks from those sectors and sub sectors which have relatively high safety zone and an established brand reputation.

Below Table shows delayed prices of the stocks

Model Portfolio 1 ( Recommended on 22 – May – 2021 )

Model Portfolio 2 ( Recommended on 01 – Aug – 2021 )

In our second model portfolio we are targeting growth stocks with capabilities of market disruption.

Model Portfolio 3 ( Recommended on 28 – Apr – 2022 )

In our third model portfolio we are focusing on Capital Gains with Capital Safety i.e. high cashflow generating firm & those firms who are changing status quo of the industry.