Who am i ?

Hey there , welcome to my website. I am an avid stock market guy. I put my analysis in an easy to understand blog with a vision is to be the goto site for indians to research , discuss and learn investments in indian share market. With our unique approach to investment advisory and non jargonish approach to explain finance and the art of investing and trading we believe the future is bright for the Indian trading community.

Whats new!

I have created 3 model portfolios which are performing very well , do check the same from the menu above!.

As a new update to our website we have added a screener for users to view the suggestions by our algorihtm for directional bets

I am now on a new path of teaching international finance concepts along with stock market blogging.

Come have a look on our video series on various topics – YouTube Channel

On work front , am working full time as a Treasury technology consultant – LinkedIn