Markets Ahead -13 April ’20 onwards!

After 4 days of holiday , the global markets will open on Monday , though the markets closed on positive note on Thursday , the investor confidence is still far away given the variable problems the global govts are facing (economical and structural ).

The net flow of FII’s turned less negative with a flurry of investments coming in on Wednesday and Thursday . Contrary to the market belief of a weak expiry ,Nifty held its high and Nifty Futures is trading at a premium.

We are expecting some profit booking around 9200+ levels and a correction back to 8700 levels , overall we are positive on the market as government is planning to partly re-start the economy.

We are bullish on following Stocks for tomorrow :

  1. Hindalco
  2. Vedanta
  3. PolyCab
  4. Indusind Bank

The above article is a personal view on the market , this should not be taken as an investment recommendation. The author may or may not have positions in the above mentioned stocks!

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